Benefits of Computers in the Classroom

As technology continues to lead society’s future, computers in the classroom are a common sight. From elementary grades throughout graduate school, schools are granting approval for the use of computers in the classroom.

Each school is different regarding the use and frequency of computers in school and there are debates regarding the benefits and the risks. Whether schools allow students to have individual computers or allow time in computer labs, one thing is certain: more children are using computers in their off-school hours and are becoming proficient in modern technology.

For those who have used computers in the classroom, the benefits are unquestionable. More teachers are finding the connection with computers one that enhances and benefits students’ learning and expands knowledge; however, teachers must supervise all computer use in order to achieve the greatest educational benefits.

Children and teens should never have free access to surf websites unsupervised in the classroom.

Modes of Instruction and Learning Using individual computers in the classroom often falls under the category of blended learning. This style of learning is when instructors incorporate several methods for delivering content to students. Some teachers use computers with special needs students as tools to help overcome communication issues.

Computers may be used to help share assignments, engage in various activities, provide real -time communication experiences with others regardless the distance, enhance or expand lessons and increase knowledge.

Mobile computing is becoming a popular mode of learning and schools are embracing technology outside of the computer lab and in the classroom