Expanded Learning Opportunities

One of the areas in which modern technology has revolutionized the world is communication. Today, computers (and modern technology in general) have made it simple to make phone calls overseas, video chat in real time with people on the other side of the globe and have enabled communication that was virtually impossible a century ago. Teachers can bring students and living experts together through virtual connections. A teacher’s class of students may not be able to board a plane and fly to Antarctica for a hands -on lesson, but they can view the area virtually, use Google Earth to survey the icy land, and speak with scientists in real time. Virtual field trips are an excellent learning tool and would be impossible without the use of classroom computers. Today, children can connect with experts in any field through computers and have a fuller, more rounded understanding of their lessons. Students can chat with an astronaut, author or physicist or view an event they otherwise would miss, simply by having access to computers in the classroom.