Technical Support

Technical Support Jn-networksolution employs quality staff: in technical department, and have specialized in the following areas

  • Connectivity and interoperability.
  • Client/server Systems Management.
  • User Training and Support.
  • Security Systems Installations.
  • Hardware Systems and Architecture.
  • Software implementation.

Preventive maintenance

The Technical team is committed to distinction in terms of performance, quality, reliable customer support and competitive pricing. Preventive maintenance.
Jn-networksolution offers (3) types of preventive Maintenance Services:

  • Comprehensive (total care)
  • Retention
  • Per call

1.Comprehensive (Total Care) In agreement with the customer, Jn-networksolution would provide Comprehensive Maintenance Services at a fee. Under the scheme, Jn-networksolution would bear the cost of spare parts, repairs, labour and traveling expenses whilst the customer pays a stimulated fee.

Customers under this scheme enjoy uninterrupted service and in situations where it is not possible t o fix the machine within the agreed response time. (24 hours in Accra – Tema metropolis and 48 hours for those outside Accra), JN- NETWORKSOLUTION provides a substitute out of its rotating stock.

This machine would be left on – site until the repaired is re installed. The annual cost estimate is a percentage of the cost of the equipment per annum. It ranges between 12% -16% of the equipment cost per annum base upon the number and types of equipment involved.

2. Retention Maintenance This scheme entails preventive Maintenance Services at no extra cost. However, the customer bears cost of spares part and is responsible for machine down time until spare parts are available.

3. Per call. Under this agreement the client may call Jn -networksolution as and when our services are needed. the client pays for cost of parts, diagnosis and labour. A detailed Maintenance proposal will be made available to the client on request.