Who do we

Whether you are a small businesses, mid-sized organization, or large multinational, we can support you with solutions tailored to these markets:

  • Financial Sector
  • Telecommunication Sector
  • Hospitality Sector
  • Education Sector
  • Transport & Logistics Sector
  • Health Sector Government Sector
  • Private Institutions
  • Mining Sector
  • Oil and Gas Sector. Jn-network Solution Worked with the following : 1. Centre for African Initiative Pantang ,Accra : ( Surveiliance Security CCTV Cameras and Network setup) Jn-network solution installed survilian security cameras , setting up local area network with internet connectivity , support service and suplied computer and other peripherals devices 2. Sneda Shopping Mall Spintex Road Accra (Network and Computers Maintenance Support.) jn-network solution support network troubleshooting issues to maintain the connectivity and computer maintenance etc. 3. Bestpet Enterprise Kasua : Local Area network and Wide Area Network between two Branch office.

  1. ST. Stephen Catholic School Darkuman Accra 🙁 Computer Lab and Network Maintenance support) Jn-network solution setup 30 computers Labs with Local Area Network and internet connectivity to all the computers and Maintaining the computers for good conditions 5. Odorgonor Basic School Awoshe ,Accra: (Computer Lab setup and maintenance support)Jn-network Solution setup computers Lab with UPS for power backup and Maintaining the computers for good condition and support to maintaining the computers ( repairing and services ) 6. Allied.Africa Ghana Dome, Accra : (Local Area Network Setup and computers&Network Maintenance Support.) Jn-network solution Support the company Network with troubleshooting of connectivity issues , printers issues and Computers repairs